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Elder Care: Health / Disease

Healthy Aging and Senior Health:

Mayo Clinic: Healthy Aging Over 50
Topic list of issues related to aging, ranging from bone health and fitness to eldercare options and driving.

National Institutes on Health (NIH) Senior Health Page of Diseases
Overview of illnesses that the elderly are often susceptible to.

National Health Related Websites:

American Psychological Association
This national site has extensive information about psychology-related topics and developments within psychology. Of note, is the help center page.

Center for Disease Control
Stop here for news about threatening diseases, traveler's health, immunizations, bicycle safety, dog bites, food-borne illnesses, AIDS, sexually transmitted infections, and more.

Health Finder


Healthfinder, sponsored by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, is a gateway to more than 1,800 agencies and organizations. Using a health gateway is often the best first step in a search.


The site provides several articles and search functions. Of note are the site's Interactive Tools and its Drug Resource Center.

The Mayo Clinic
The site offers an index of diseases listed A-Z, 11 Condition Centers (Alzheimer's for example), and eight Healthy Living Centers (such as Women's Health). If you're faced with various medical tests and treatments, consult the Helath Decisions Guide section, which walks you through options.


The National Library of Medicine, the world's largest medical library, developed this site, where you can access information about diseases and conditions, pharmaceutical drugs, links to National Institutes of Health clearing houses and other helpful resources.

Mental Health America (MHA)
MHA has great resources, including an excellent FAQ, a list of local affiliates as well as MHA's spin-off site, Living Your Life Well, dedicated to stress reduction and self-care.

Mental Help
This site has a multitude of articles relating to mental health, including Aging and Geriatrics and articles written by mental health professionals.

WebMD aims to link patients, physicians, hospitals, and health insurers in an electronic health network. Topics range from the everyday health issues to more specific, and often chronic, conditions. The site breaks down conditions into overviews of facts, symptoms and common treatments.

Women's Health
Part health encyclopedia, part women's advocate, this National Women's Health Information Center site draws on thousands of publications from a federal clearinghouse. It also has valuable special-category sections, such as:

  • Minority health
  • Healthy aging and heathcare questions
  • A roundup of men's health materials

  • Amytrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) / Lou Gehrig's Disease

    ALS Association
    This organization aims at providing both education and support for caregivers and people affected by Lou Gehrig's Disease. Some great tools on this site include:

    Muscular Dystrophy Association - ALS Division

    The MDA ALS division has many great resources, including a complete guide for caregivers entitled:MDA ALS Caregiver's Guide (2013), which covers everyday behaviors to finance questions.


    Arthritis Foundation
    This site provides a great overview of the various types of arthritis, developments in treatments and what both the individual living with arthritis and their caregivers. Parts of the site that are particularly informative and helpful:

  • Disease Center
  • Events and Programs
  • NorCal Chapter

  • Arthritis Health
    Arthritis-health is an expanding library of information created to help patients and caregivers become better informed about arthritis. The site features current content written and peer-reviewed by medical professionals.

    Arthritis Today
    Online version of the magazine. The site provides great resources and articles about arthritis, living with arthritis, nutrition and exercise for people and caregivers affected by arthritis. Some great tools include:

  • Symptoms by Body Part Selection Tool
  • Track and React Tool
  • National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases (NIAMS)
    Provides information on latest developments with arthritis as well as an accesible guide, which gives an overview of living with arthritis.


    The American Cancer Society (ACS)
    Provides information, symptoms and has a great Support and Treatment tab, which has links both for cancer patients and caregivers.

    Cancer Net
    Oncologist-approved cancer information from the American Society of Clinical Oncology. Great resources include a free cancer iPhone App, Survivorship Booklet and overview of different types of cancer.

    A national non-profit organization whose mission is to provide free professional help to people with all cancers through counseling, education, information and referral and direct financial assistance.
    Also to take note of:

    Cancer Page
    Cancer Page is primarily targeted at people currently undergoing cancer treatment. Although it is not the most comprehensive site, it does have good features, such as Physician and Service Directory and a Pain Center detailing different options for cancer-related pain.

    Lung Cancer Alliance
    The site is separated into three parts:

    • Get Information
    • Get Help & Support
    • Get Involved

    Especially the resources page may be particularly helpful for people diagnosed with lung cancer.

    Women's Cancer Resource Center

    Services include free therapy for low income women, information and referral hotline, legal services, resource library, peer support groups, in-home support services. Located in Berkeley, CA.

    National Ovarian Cancer Coalition

    Good information source for ovarian cancer, including articles, stories and a hotline.

    OncoLink, Abramson Cancer Center of the University of Pennsylvania
    In many ways, the OncoLink site is practical in nature, boasting of pages relating to:

  • Chemotherapy - check out the right sidebar for more resources
  • Types of Treament - Bottom of page has dropdown menu for type specific cancer treatments
  • Support and Coping - Several different pages
  • Tips for Caregivers - ten tips to keep the caregiver well

  • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD):
    Emphysema and/or Chronic Bronchitis

    Aging Initiative
    The website provides a wealth of information about protecting the environmental health of older persons, including Chronic Lung Disease. Particularly, the "Age Healthier, Breathe Easier" EPA article on improving air quality and reducing risk factors for respiratory diseases in elders.

    American Association for Respiratory Care (AARC)
    AARC provides a good overview of what COPD is, treatment options and causes.

    American Lung Association
    Information and treatment options are detailed on the site, including COPD Coping Tools and Care Giving Support Site (Lotsa Helping Hands).


    American Diabetes Association
    Great overview of both type 1 and 2 diabetes, nutrition suggestions and a specific seniors and diabetes tab. Local office located in San Francisco.

    Center for Disease Control (CDC)- Diabetes
    What makes this site particularly noteworthy are the interactive tool of male and female body diagrams and how diabetes affects these bodies. Secondly, the CDC has a tab regarding coverage of diabetes supplies under Medicare and Medicaid.

    National Diabetes Information Clearinghouse (NDIC)
    Good resource especially for Spanish speakers, as all pages are both in English and Spanish. Site explains different types of diabetes, including gestational- and pre-diabetes, as well as treatments, nutrition and healthy living.

    Fall Prevention:

    Center for Disease Control (CDC) - Fall Prevention
    Two great resources on this site is the compendium of fall prevention, which outlines different categories for preventing falls. It is available as a PDF on the site.

    Fall Prevention Center of Excellence
    Good source of information and simple tips on fall prevention. Also has fall data for California counties.

    The Mayo Clinic
    Outlines 6 tips to prevent falls.

    Hearing Impairment:

    American Academy of Audiology article:
    "Untreated Hearing Loss Linked to Depression, Social Isolation in Seniors"
    Debunks myth that only seniors suffer from hearing loss and advocates hearing devices as a means to improve quality of life for those suffering from hearing loss.

    American Tinnitus Association
    Many great tools to explain both tinnitus, research progress and options for alleviating tinnitus. Links to a great Young at Heart/Children's website,Dangerous Decibels, which has an interactive virtual exhibit.

    Federal Trade Commision article:
    " Sound Advice on Hearing Aids"
    Outlines what hearing aids are and suggests several things to consider when buying one.

    Includes information about tinnitus, prevention and hearing aids, as well as a hearing test and inspirational stories, and articles.

    National Association of the Deaf (NAD)
    Various resources and articles about deafness and hard of hearing. California Chapters listed hereunder "Chapters."

    Heart Disease:

    American Heart Association
    Various types of information on heart conditions as well as an awesome page dedicated to keeping caregivers healthy and resourceful.

    Mended Hearts
    Provides support groups and peer-to-peer support for people diagnosed with heart disease, emphasizing that it is possible to live life well. Support offered for people at all stages: those undergoing treatment, post-op and the newly diagnosed. For a list of local chapters, click here.

    Separate program for children: Little Mended Hearts.

    National Coalition for Women with Heart Disease
    Provides peer support for women with heart disease. The site has information about heart disease, an online community as well as the Sister Match program, a one-on-one peer support program.

    Web MD Heart Disease Center
    Contains a wealth of information regarding heart health, heart disease and other factors that may be related to either.

    Yale University School of Medicine: Heart Book
    An online, free textbook about the heart. Link goes to index; especially 'Part V: Special Situations' may be helpful, as it lists the elderly, women and ethinic groups, as well as "Part II: How to Lower Your Risk of Heart Disease."


    American Heart Association
    Includes information about hypertension and treatment, as well as tools like the "High Blod Pressure Risk Calculator" and information about how to choose monitorig devices.

    American Hypertension Foundation
    Offers information about hypertension, statistics and patient education, including the booklet "Blood Pressure and Your Health".

    Mayo Clinic: High Blood Pressure (Hypertension)
    Overview of hypertension and treatment options.

    Mayo Clinic: Pulmonary Hypertension
    Pulmonary hypertension is high blood pressure only in the arteries of the lungs. Information about the condition and treatment options.


    How to Care Elder Care Survival Guide
    Basic overview of what incontinence is, some causes and suggestions to help with the condition.

    National Association for Continence
    Many great resources, divided into separate tabs for both for men and women. Other helpful parts of the site include:

    Multiple Sclerosis:

    MS Connection
    Offspring of the National MS Society's page, this site strives to create a peer-to-peer environment for questions, as well as forge a support network.

    National Multiple Sclerosis Society
    Information and articles about about MS and the newewst developments in research. Helpful in particular is the "Living with MS" tab, which includes a multitude of subjects.


    American Bone Health
    Information about osteoporosis and resources for those suffering with osteoporosis. Particularly great is the Physical Activity page, which includes a visual guide entitled "Do It Right! Prevent Fractures!"

    National Osteoporosis Foundation
    General information about osteoporosis and risk factors. Site has a comprehensive Q&A section.

    NIH Osteoporosis and Related Bone Diseases Center
    The most comprehensive of these three sites, it provides information for osteoporosis in relation to other conditions as well.


    National Parkinson's Foundation
    The site is divided into three parts - patients, caregivers and professionals. Each includes information about the disease and resources. Among the most helpful is the Parkinson's Resources Search Engine.

    Parkinson's Disease Foundation (PDF)
    This site has many great resources aside from information about Parkinson's, including a national hotline and support groups reachable through the hotline. Moreover, the site has an archive of free webinars conducted by experts in the field


    The Internet Stroke Center
    Collaboration site between NINDS and NIH, which has good information about stroke; good how to prevent stroke page as well as an aphasia page.

    Know Stroke
    An NIH site, it covers signs and symptoms of stroke and allows patrons to view or order free materials related to stroke. MAterials also in Spanish.

    The Mayo Clinic Stroke Page
    Covers symptoms, diagnosis and treatment in-depth.

    The Stroke Associaton
    Information about stroke, as well as a wealth of resources, including:

    The Stroke Family
    Information about the Sensory Trigger Method related to aphasia (loss of speech) that is sometimes associated with stroke.

    Vision Impairment:

    The American Foundation for the Blind
    National site with resources for those with low vision or blindness.Includes a great search tool for local resources as well as a glossary of eye conditions.

    The American Foundation for the Blind Senior Site
    The site has resources to encourage seniors who are living with low vision or vision impairment to navigate everyday life, ranging from rearranging their home room by room to resources to remain or return to the job market.

    The California Council of the Blind
    Has local chapter meetings listed, as well as online newsletter, "The Blind Californian."
    Similarly, the site has a comprehensive resources page.

    Learning Ally
    Allows users to access more than 70.000 books and materials in audio format. Patron must have a certified reading print disability or vision impairment to be eligible. Organization works with the National Library Service for the Blind and Physically handicapped.

    Lighthouse International
    Lighthouse International is a leading resource worldwide on vision impairment and vision rehabilitation. Resources include a local resource finder, which includes support groups as well as information on ocular conditions such as Macular Degeneration

    National Federation of the Blind
    Has information and resources for the blind, including legal guidelines and information, guidedog schools and NFB-Newsline, a free audio newspaper.

    National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped
    Through a national network of cooperating libraries, NLS administers a free library program of Braille and audio materials circulated to eligible borrowers in the US by postage-free mail.

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