At Tang, the ONLY difference for students who have SHIP and those who don’t is what they pay!


Know how your insurance plan works.

Know your benefits – make sure you have a benefits summary.

Know the contact information for your health insurance company (who to contact if you have questions).


SHIP (Student Health Insurance Plan)

Did you know SHIP 2015-16 includes medical (including pharmacy), counseling, vision and dental coverage?

Medical and counseling: When you are in Berkeley, all medical and counseling services begin at Tang. When you are not in Berkeley, simply coordinate in advance with the Student Health Insurance Office to get authorization for care. (For emergencies, go directly to the nearest Emergency Room.)

Dental and vision coverage: Make dental appointments directly with dentists in the network and eye appointments directly with UC Berkeley’s Optometry Center. You won’t need a separate insurance card for dental and vision coverage.


Got 10 minutes? Empower yourself on how to use SHIP with our SHIP at-a-glance PDF presentation.


SHIP provides the same coverage worldwide, coordinated through Aetna’s On Call International program to help translate international bills/services and convert foreign currency. EAP travelers should consult with EAP advisors and the SHIP office to make necessary insurance decisions. See Using Berkeley SHIP Abroad.


TANG TIP: Don't Get Stuck with the Bill!

Aside from Emergency Care, you always need authorization from a UHS clinician prior to seeking services outside of Tang,
or else your claims will be denied.



If you don’t have SHIP, you can still use all the services available at the Tang Center. We don’t accept outside insurance or bill to other insurance plans. You will pay the full cost of service you receive at Tang. It’s important to know how and if your insurance company will reimburse you. Refer back to the advice at the top of this page! Visit us online to see some sample worksheets that may help you talk to your insurance company.

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