Equity, Inclusion and Diversity

A healthy campus community is a vibrant and inspiring place to work, study, and live.   It celebrates the contributions of all and welcomes a diversity of ideas, backgrounds and experiences.  University Health Services is committed to sustaining a welcoming environment where diversity, equity and inclusion are valued and demonstrated in our organizational practices, policies, services and programs.  We respect the uniqueness of the students, staff and faculty we serve, and embrace the opportunity to provide culturally sensitive care that reflects our common desire to feel respected, valued and welcomed.

“If you didn’t sit back passively, but acted positively, it is possible to make change”
---Chancellor Robert J. Birgineau



The following beliefs guide our work in service to the campus:

Integrated View of Health
We believe health is multidimensional: physical, mental, emotional, environmental, social and spiritual.

Community-Based Collaboration
We embrace working collaboratively-with clients, campus and local providers-using the strengths of a multidisciplinary approach.

Accessibility and Responsiveness
We promote equity and inclusion and believe everyone should receive the highest quality care. We are committed to providing programs and services that are economically, physically and culturally accessible and responsive to the changing needs of our communities.

Social Responsibility and Stewardship
We protect the long-term wellbeing of our community by responsibly using and developing the resources entrusted to us and promoting environmental awareness, global thinking and local action.

Vibrant Work Culture
We celebrate the contributions of our staff and embrace diversity of ideas, backgrounds and experiences. We encourage teamwork and innovation, and support a learning environment that helps staff succeed in their jobs and develop their careers.



2013-14 UHS Diversity Committee


UHS strives to support the campus Principles of Community-including our shared understanding of diversity, equity and inclusion-by:

  • Hiring and training employees who are respectful of each individual’s uniqueness, and promoting an environment that fosters community through commitment and accountability;
  • Valuing a culture of inclusion where every employee adds a unique and rich perspective while providing the best collaborative healthcare possible;
  • Creating a healthy, safe and flexible work environment to support the needs of customers and employees;
  • Responding to the changing needs of our communities by providing programs and services that are economically, physically and culturally accessible; and
  • Retaining our employees by providing an environment where they have equal access to opportunities for growth, training, education, and advancement.


The UHS Diversity Committee is an advisory committee that reports to the UHS Executive Director and provides recommendations for sustaining the organization’s commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion.   The committee is compromised of UHS staff from various job classifications, representatives from the undergraduate and graduate student populations, and select campus partners.  Monthly meetings enable committee members to share pertinent department and campus updates, develop recommendations to guide organization diversity and equity decisions, and convene sub-committees charged with implementing select committee projects.  Additionally, the committee maintains a relationship with the Office of Equity & Inclusion to integrate UHS efforts, support larger campus initiatives, and ensure that the principles of diversity, equity and inclusion are reflected throughout our work and service to the campus community.     



Guiding Principles

Diversity- We value the variety of personal experiences, worldviews, circumstances and cultures that reflect differences in race, ethnicity, gender, age, religion, language, abilities/disabilities, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, and geographic region and more.

Equity- We value fair treatment, access, opportunity and advancement for all staff, customers and community members, and strive to identify and eliminate barriers to care.

Inclusion- We value the Tang Center as an environment where people can feel welcomed, respected, supported and appreciated.



The UHS Diversity Committee ensures that the organization’s commitment to diversity equity and inclusion is maintained, communicated and embraced throughout all levels of the organization through policy recommendations, training and evaluation strategies.

Policy Recommendations

  • Advising senior management on communication strategies and initiatives that promote equity and inclusion practices amongst UHS staff and management.
  • Advising senior management on strategies for promoting equity and inclusion in UHS services, programs, policies, and facilities.
  • Recommending hiring practices that reflect a commitment to equity, inclusion, and maintaining a diverse UHS staff capable of serving a diverse population.

Training & Education

  • Recommend training and education opportunities that increase UHS staff knowledge and ability to provide high quality, culturally appropriate care.
  • Recommend training and establish a baseline equity and inclusion knowledge and skill level for all UHS staff, including staff employees and volunteers.
  • Provide opportunities to collaborate with the Office of Equity & Inclusion and larger campus initiatives. 
  • Provide opportunities to collaborate with students engaged in clinical cultural competency research and practices.
  • Support UHS involvement in student equity, inclusion and multicultural initiatives.


  • Maintain on-going assessment of organizational policies and practices that promote equity and inclusion throughout the organization and building.
  •  Develop measurable educational, behavioral, and process outcomes that guide our equity and inclusion development work.
  • Recommend and implement improvements in the reporting & resolution of bias-related complaints and grievances.
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