This list of health materials is tailored to the needs of the UC Berkeley campus community. Most of the material has been compiled by UHS professionals, and the topics reflect the health issues most prevalent among students, faculty and staff on this campus.
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Alcohol and Drugs
Anemia (Iron Deficiency) (pdf)
Annual Women's Exam
Antibiotics: Use Them Wisely and Safely
Asthma (pdf)
Back Health and Injury Prevention
    - Managing Low Back Pain
    - Safe Lifting Tips
    - Stretches for People who Lift
Birth control and contraception
Bladder Infection (UTI) (pdf)
Cancer (links to National Institutes of Health)
Chicken pox (pdf)
Cholesterol Management Information (links to National Institutes of Health)
Cold Care
Computer Ergonomics
    - Setting Up a User-Friendly Workstation
    - Pointers on Your Pointing Device (Mouse or Track Ball)
    - Personal Workstation Checklist
    - Take a Stretch Break
    - How to Choose a Chair that Fits
    - Ergonomic Tips for Laptop Users
Crisis: Assisting the Distressed Student
    - Depression and College Students: What Do These Students Have in Common? (pdf)
    - Are You Considering Medication for Depression? Q & A
    - Look for the Signs: Depression education campaign currently underway on campus
Depression Awareness and Suicide Prevention Online Training
The online training consists of a tutorial and questions to test your knowledge. You will learn about student mental health trends and how to recognize and respond when a student is in distress, needs help, or may be thinking about suicide.
Diabetes Education Resources (pdf)
Eating Disorders
Eczema (Atopic Dermatitis)
Emergency Contraception
    - Fitting Fitness In
    - Injury Prevention and Self-Care
    - Starting a Walking Program
    - Computer Ergonomics
    - Laboratory Ergonomics
Eye Care
Fighting the Flu
Guidance for Stressful Times (resources for staying healthy, coping tools for change and transitions, and seeking help.
Headaches and Migraines (pdf)
See Hepatitis A (viral) Fact Sheet and Hepatitis A, B, and C: Learn the Differences
Herpes: Get the Facts
HIV Testing
Hives (pdf)
HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) vaccine
Mental Health Links
Nutrition Resources
Piercing: Cleaning and Healing
Porn Literacy
Sexual Assault/Rape
    - What to Do If You are Sexually Assaulted/Raped
    - How You Can Help a Friend Who Has Been Sexually Assaulted/Raped
    - How Advisers and Faculty Can Help a Student Who Has Been Assaulted/Raped
    - Sexual Assault/Rape: Alcohol and Other Drugs
    - Unwanted Sex, Sexual Assault and Rape: Advice and Resources for Men
Sexual health and sexuality
Skin Disorder (Eczema)
Sleeping Soundly
Smoking Cessation
See: Be Well to Do Well
Suicide Information & Resources
Also see: Depression Awareness and Suicide Prevention Online Training
Sun Safety
Testicular Cancer
Traveling Abroad: Helpful Health Hints
Tuberculosis: Questions & Answers about TB
Vitamin D Deficiency
Women's Health: Well Woman Care, Contraceptives + Family Planning, Sexual Health + STIs
Wound Care (pdf)
Yeast Infections (pdf)

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