Cold Turkey Day for Great American Smokeout 2013


Join us for Cold Turkey Day, celebrating this year's Great American Smokeout Thursday, November 21 | 11 am - 2 pm | Upper Sproul in front of GBC.

Turn in your pack of cigarettes @ our Cold Turkey booth on November 21, from 11am - 2 pm and get a Boudin cold turkey sandwich! Try going cold turkey on this day!


Great American Smokeout Pledge

What can you do today to help yourself or someone else stop smoking?

Are You a Smoker Thinking About Quitting?

  1. Try quitting for a day!

    Join the Cold Turkey Day promotion for Great American Smokeout event

  2. Thinking about stopping smoking? We can help!

    Attend a smoking cessation workshop or consultation, available every weekday during the month of December:

Want to Help Someone Stop Smoking

  1. Encourage them to quit for a day!

    Encourage someone you care about who smokes to attend the Great American Smokeout event.

  2. Get resources offline to help you help them!

    Get ideas and resources to help someone you care about stop smoking: uhs.berkeley.edu/smokingcessation









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