Online Appointment Scheduling

UC Berkeley students can now schedule most medical and health education appointments online. The appointments currently available are listed below.
In case of a life threatening emergency, go to the nearest hospital emergency department or call 911.

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Appointments Available Through Online Scheduling:

For other appointments, please call the appointment line at (510) 642-2000.

Appointment Descriptions
Medical Appointments

Primary Care

Schedule a primary care visit, our most general appointment type, if you have a new problem or concern requiring evaluation, to follow-up from prior visits, need STI testing, wish to request a referral, or need to establish care with your primary care provider to manage ongoing medical issues.

Visit our Meet the Staff page to learn more about our Primary Care providers. All students are automatically assigned to a Primary Care Provider and a clinic team. You may change your Primary Care Provider online at any time.

Find out more about preventive care here.

Gynecological Visit

Gynecological visits are scheduled with a primary care clinician with experience and interest in women’s health, and are intended for evaluation of gynecological problems, contraceptive concerns, STD testing or other women’s health issues. Patients are referred on to our in-house gynecologist when appropriate.


Transgender Care

We encourage you to schedule your Primary Care visit through our Trans Care Team at Tang; click here to learn more. Or, you may also schedule an appointment online with any member of our primary care team.

Other information:
All students are eligible for Primary Care visits at Tang whether or not you have SHIP.  The basic visit co-pays are $15 for Primary Care and $30 for Urgent Care, regardless of your insurance; additional testing or treatment carry additional costs.

Learn about How to Make the Most out of Your Medical Visit.


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Medical Services

(Appointments not available for online scheduling. Please follow instructions to access care.)

Urgent Care

  • The Urgent Care Clinic is a drop-in service for urgent medical problems. Urgent problems include sudden, serious and unexpected illnesses, injuries or conditions which require immediate medical attention.
  • For urgent problems, you can call (510) 643-7197 to speak with the Advice Nurse (Monday-Friday 8am-4:30pm) or come directly to Urgent Care to speak to a Triage Nurse in person.

Physical Therapy

  • Referral is required from a UHS clinician. Please schedule a primary care appointment to discuss your condition and request a possible referral.
  • For patients currently seeing a physical therapist, appointments can be made by calling (510) 642-0607, or in person at the Physical Therapy reception desk.

Specialty Clinic

  • Referral is required from UHS clinician. Please schedule a primary care appointment to discuss your condition and request a possible referral.
  • For patients current receiving long-term care chronic conditions or if you are currently seeing a specialist (for example, post-surgery follow-up), you may be able to make an appointment directly. Appointments may be made by calling (510) 643-7177 or in person at the Specialty Clinic reception desk.


  • Students can be referred to see a CPS psychiatrist after they have met in-person with a CPS or Social Services counselor for an initial consultation.
  • Patients currently seeing a CPS psychiatrist can make an appointment by calling (510) 642-9494.

Social Services

  • Patients can make an appointment with a counselor (no referral required) by calling (510) 642-6074 or in person at the Social Services reception desk.

Transgender Care

  • Primary Care and specialized transgender services are available through our Trans Care Clinic. We encourage transgender and gender non-conforming patients to visit our Transgender Health Services page to learn more about our Trans Clinic and other specialized services.
Counseling (CPS) - Initial Visit

Schedule your CPS initial visit online. This option is for your first visit only. Follow up visits are scheduled by phone or in person.

  • Patients currently seeing a counselor at Tang can make an appointment by calling (510) 642-9494 or in person at CPS.
  • To schedule a first appointment, call (510)642-9494. Students will be scheduled for a telephone appointment to discuss appropriate next steps. Crisis drop-in counseling is available from 10am-5pm at the Tang Center.

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International Travel Clinic

Book an international travel clinic appointment 6-8 weeks before you plan to travel overseas. International travel clinic appointments are open to students, faculty and staff, and the public.

Your personalized travel package for a healthy safe trip includes:

  • travel consultation with medical professionals
  • required and recommended immunizations advice
  • vaccination administering (where possible) along with proof of vaccination
  • advice on preventing illness while traveling
  • education on safety concerns related to food, drink, and recreational activities

There is a charge for the consultation, in addition to charges for immunizations.

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Confidential HIV Testing Options
  • Order a confidential HIV Antibody Test online without an appointment through our Self-Directed STI Screening Program. To access, log into eTang, select "Messages" from the left navigation bar, select "New Message" and then select "Order my own STI tests without an appointment".
  • Schedule a medical appointment if you want to test for HIV and sexually transmitted infections--a good option if you have questions, concerns, symptoms, or feel you may be at high risk. (If you already have a scheduled medical appointment, your clinician can order the HIV test, you don't need to schedule another appointment.)

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Health Coaching

Health Coaching
This 45 minute coaching session with a professional health educator will help you make simple changes in your lifestyle to improve your health and well being, and increase your success.

Coaching sessions offer the flexibility of between one to four informational sessions to assist in creating a plan with specific goals and assess progress towards those health goals.

Topics include (but are not limited to):

  • Stress management
  • Procrastination
  • Healthy eating
  • Communication
  • Sexual health education
  • Sexuality concerns and issues

Appointments are free and confidential and partners are welcome.

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Allergy Injections This is an appointment with a nurse for antigen (allergy) shots. This appointment is for patients who have already been receiving allergy injections at Tang. All others, please call (510) 643-7177 for information.

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Positive TB Skin Test Follow-Up

This is a follow-up or clearance appointment with a nurse for people who have had a positive TB test result and a negative chest x-ray.

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This is an appointment with a nurse for immunizations.

Please note some fees apply for immunizations (most immunizations are covered for UC SHIP members).

Please bring your immunization records. It will save you money by enabling us to only schedule the immunizations you need and haven't already received.

Related: Immunization Information

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This is a routine appointment with a Tang Nutritionist. If you have an urgent medical situation please seek care.

Our licensed dietitian provides medical nutrition therapy or general nutrition counseling for students with a wide variety of concerns. Examples may include, but are not limited to:

  • Hypertension
  • High Cholesterol
  • Diabetes or Pre-Diabetes
  • Disordered Eating
  • Over/Underweight
  • GI disorders
  • Vegetarian or Vegan Diets
  • Diets for optimal health
  • Other nutrition related questions

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