Medical, Counseling and Educational Services
for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer Students

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Welcome to Tang, LGBTQ students!
Here are some of our LGBTQ-specific services and opportunities:


Medical Care Our goal is to ensure LGBTQ students receive the highest quality care in a safe, respectful space. See Medical Appointments to learn more about getting connected to care at Tang. To learn more about our staff, please visit the Meet the Staff page. To see clinicians who have identified themselves as LGBT or allies, please check out Lavender Cal's Out List and the Allies List.

Also see our Services for Transgender Students page.

Counseling Our professional counseling staff is queer-friendly and available to discuss a full range of issues, including coming out issues; experiences of homophobia, academic and career concerns; relationship and couples counseling; grief, loss or abuse issues; stress management; and issues related to HIV/AIDS.

See Counseling Appointments. If you are in crisis or in need of urgent counseling, you can see a counselor on a walk-in basis.

At your first visit to CPS, a counselor will help you assess what type of service would be best for you. Whether or not you want to identify yourself as lesbian, gay or bisexual is completely up to you. If you would like to work with an openly lesbian, gay or bisexual therapist, please let us know. To learn more about our counseling staff, please visit the CPS Meet the Staff page.

Click here for additional counseling information for transgender students.

Insurance Berkeley Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) offers a comprehensive medical, counseling, vision, and dental plan to all registered students and a separate dependent plan for domestic partners and/or children. See our Transgender Medical Care and SHIP for additional coverage for transgender students.
Social Services Social Services provides confidential services and counseling to help students with managing problems that can emerge from illness such as financial, academic, legal, family concerns, and more. In addition, Social Services specializes in helping students with:
  • alcohol/drugs - problems related to one's own or a family member's use
  • sexual assault/rape
  • relationship or other violence
  • support for health concerns-new diagnoses or ongoing conditions
  • pregnancy resources and referrals
  • nutrition and eating concerns
  • sexual health counseling
Social Services offers individual and group support.

Find out more about Social Services here.

LGBTQ-Talk Free, friendly, and confidential LGBTQ counseling consultation service; 30 minute sessions hosted by Tang Counselors at 150 Cesar Chavez and Unit 3.

BY APPOINTMENT: e-mail or call Don Capone at (510) 642-4853.

Every Wednesday from 3-5pm at 150 Cesar Chavez.
QTalk will start on January 27 and the last drop-in date is May 4.

Check out the semester flier here (PDF).

Queer Support Groups UHS hosts regular support group for queer men, queer women, queer men of color and queer women of color. To find out which groups are being offered each semester, call CPS at (510) 642-9494. Social Services is offering a queer men’s group in fall 2015. To participate call (510) 642-6074.

Check out the flier here (PDF).

Free HIV testing

The Sexual Health Education Program (SHEP) will be providing monthly free rapid HIV testing for Cal students in a safe, confidential space in Health Promotion, 2nd floor of the Tang Center, across from the elevators from noon-3pm.

Fall 2015 (noon-3pm):

  • Friday, September 25, 2015
  • Friday, October 30, 2015
  • Friday, November 20, 2015
  • Friday, December 11, 2015

Spring 2016 (noon-3pm):

  • Friday, January 29, 2016
  • Friday, February 26, 2016
  • Friday, March 18, 2016
  • Friday, April 29, 2016

Results in 30 minutes!

Coming out resources/ coaching If you’d like to speak to an LGB or ally-identified counselor about coming out, you can call Counseling and Psychological Services at (510)642-9494. Find out more about counseling at Tang. Every student, regardless of insurance, gets five free counseling visits per year. You may also schedule a free health coaching appointment with our health and wellness coaches for coming out coaching. You may schedule an appointment online or call (510) 642-2000.
LGBTQ health education for student groups The Sexual Health Education Program (SHEP) provides free, student-led health workshops tailored to your group’s needs, including LGBTQ-oriented sexual health workshops. Click here to schedule a SHEP workshop for your student group.
Victims of violence LGBTQ people, just like non-LGBTQ people, can be victims of violence from a partner. If you or someone you love is suffering from intimate partner violence, there are many resources for you. Your first stop should be:
Volunteering Would you like to give back? Then we want you! Our Health Promotion unit has several fantastic volunteering opportunities for LGBTQ students.
About Confidentiality In addition to the usual concerns about medical confidentiality, LGBQ patients often have additional concerns that their sexual orientation not be disclosed without their consent. We can reassure you that your appointments with clinicians, counselors, and other UHS staff are confidential. By law, your parents, friends, professors, coaches, and other school officials do not have access to your UHS records.

Medical Records: The only way that someone may know about your appointment is if you tell her/him, you give us written permission to release information, or we are required by law.

Counseling Records: Like medical records, these are protected by law. In addition, counseling records are kept separately from medical records.

Find out more about our privacy practices, including how to file a complaint if you believe your privacy has been violated.

Suggestions/ Complaints We welcome your input on how we can improve our services related to LGBQ patients. You can give Tang feedback in several ways – via email or phone, or in person.

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