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Violence at Cal, the denial of someone's human integrity, can take many forms, from day-to-day “micro-“ incidents like putdowns, jokes and name-calling, to more visible hate, bullying, harassment and creating a hostile environment, to threats and emotional and physical assaults, to physical and sexual abuse in relationships, to outright discrimination against whole groups of students because of their actual or perceived identities—those of  race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, language, disability, citizenship status, religious practice and others. All of these count as violence. In all of them, students are hurt and the vibrant learning community for all of us is damaged. And all of them can be prevented.

Everyone at Cal has a stake in preventing violence and promoting a safe, just and fair campus. Use this Health Promotion site to find definitions, research, tips on what you can do to prevent violence and help others, where you can go to get help on any of the above issues from campus and the community, and how to get coaching, workshops or classes from the students and staff at Health Promotion. We’re happy to help.