Meet the Counseling Staff


CPS Counseling Staff

All CPS counseling staff are specialists in college mental health issues including depression, anxiety, stress, test anxiety, and relationships.

Laura Alie Susan Bell Sasha Blum
Laura Alie, Psy.D.
Licensed Psychologist

Interests: LGB identity development, gender identity and transgender identities, 1st generation college students, multicultural counseling, career development.
Susan Bell, PhD
Assistant Director, Outreach and Consultation Services;
Licensed Psychologist

Interests: suicide prevention, post-traumatic reactions, graduate student issues, integration of psychodynamic, interpersonal, and cognitive-behavioral interventions.

Sasha Blum, PhD
Licensed Psychologist, Incentive Awards Program Counselor
Interests: low income and first generation college students, underrepresented student populations, sexual trauma, eating disorders, substance abuse, and career development.

Don Capone, Psy.D., Licensed Psychologist Kin Chan Lillian Chiang
Don Capone, PsyD
Licensed Psychologist Interests: cognitive-behavioral approaches to reducing anxiety, brief psychodynamic psychotherapy, LGBTQ stressors and relationship challenges, coping with a loved one's mental illness, strategies for managing ADHD, mental health law, couples counseling and conflict resolution.

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Kin Ming Chan, PhD
Licensed Psychologist Interests: multicultural counseling, international students' adjustment issues, Asian students' identity development, LGBTQ issues, spirituality & mindfulness, holistic well-being.
Additional Languages: Cantonese

Lillian Chiang, PhD
Licensed Psychologist Interests: Asian-American and Pacific Islander student concerns, international student issues, cultural adjustment of immigrants, bicultural identity development, multicultural counseling, outreach, and group psychotherapy.

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Richard Chiovarelli Aaron Cohen Clayrie Davis

Richard Chiovarelli, PsyD
Licensed Psychologist
Interests: anxiety, depression, life transitions, multicultural issues, family conflict, relationship issues, and fulfilling one's academic/career potential.

Aaron Cohen, PhD
Licensed Psychologist Interests: Residence Life, adjustment/transition issues, Psychological First Aid, psychiatric disabilities, learning disabilities, outreach and consultation.

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Claytie Davis III, PhD
Training Director;
Licensed Psychologist
Interests: multicultural counseling/supervision issues, black racial identity
and mental health/academic performance, career and life development coaching, ethics.
Jean Franco Matt Goodman Amy Honigman
Jean Franco, PhD
Licensed Psychologist
Matt Goodman, PhD
Licensed Psychologist Interests: constructivism, using emotions in psychotherapy, masculinity and psychotherapy.
Amy Honigman, PhD
Licensed Psychologist
Carrie Guthrie Holly Landsbaum Paige Lee
Carrie Guthrie, LCSW
Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Interests: mental illness early intervention and recovery, impact of mental illness on family, LGBTQ issues, family of origin issues, transition/adjustment
Holly Landsbaum, MSW
Licensed Clinicial Social Worker
Paige Lee, PhD
Licensed Psychologist Interests: cross-cultural counseling; academic, career, student development and family of origin issues; alcohol and drug use; crisis intervention.
Karen Tsugawa chris mclean Terrie Moore
Karen Lee Tsugawa, MS
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Interests:developmental struggles, relationship issues, family dynamics, multicultural concerns, Asian-American identity development.

Chris McLean, PhD
Assistant Director, Career and Academic Programs;
Licensed Psychologist
Interests: family of origin issues, career development, sports psychology, cognitive-behavioral treatment of depression and anxiety.
Terrie Moore, MS
Career Counselor, UC Berkeley Staff Career Development Program
veronica orozco   Jonathan Peretz, Licensed Psychologist
Veronica Orozco, PhD
Licensed Psychologist
Interests: Interests: resilience of Latina/o students and other first-generation, low-income, underrepresented students, undocumented students, adjustment issues, anxiety, depression, career development, loss/grief, relationship concerns, family of origin issues, LGBTQ ally.
Additional Languages: Spanish 

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Diana Pena, PhD
Licensed Psychologist
Jonathan Peretz, PsyD
Licensed Psychologist
Jeffrey Prince Susan Rode Gloria Saito
Jeffrey Prince, PhD
Director, Counseling and Psychological Services; Licensed Psychologist Interests: campus mental health administration, career development, lesbian/gay/bisexual issues, psychological assessment.
Susan Rode, RN, LCSW
Coordinator of Staff Development; Licensed Clinical Social Worker Interests: grief and loss, bereavement, spirituality, death and dying, women's issues, effects of chronic illness on mental health.
Gloria Saito, PhD
Associate Director, Counseling and Psychological Services; Licensed Psychologist
John Sauve Linda Zaruba Jung Yi, Licensed Psychologist
John Sauvé, PsyD
Coordinator of Group Program;
Licensed Psychologist
Interests: coping with transitions, managing depression, LGBTQ issues, professional ethics.
Linda Zaruba, PhD
Triage/Crisis Manager;
Licensed Psychologist
Interests: depression and anxiety disorders, bipolar disorder, psychological consequences of reproductive events in women's lives, eating disorders.
Jung Yi, PsyD
Licensed Psychologist
Additional Languages: Korean
Christine Zhou, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist    

Christine Zhou, PhD
Licensed Psychologist
Additional Languages: Mandarin


Postdoctoral Psychology Fellows

  • Gina Marie Midili, Ph.D., California School of Professional Psychology, San Francisco
  • LaMisha Hill, Ph.D., University of Oregon
  • Diana Peña, Ph.D., University of Oregon (Additional Languages: Spanish)
  • Cynthia Medina, Ph.D., University of Oregon (Additional Languages: Spanish)
  • Adam Diamond Summer, Ph.D., University of Minnesota - Twin Cities

Predoctoral Psychology Interns

Predoctoral Psychology Interns

  • Sam Tourek, M.A., University of Minnesota - Twin Cities
  • Tae Sun Kim, M.A., Ball State University (Additional Languages: Korean)
  • Yu Bi, M.Ed., University of Missouri (Additional Languages: Mandarin)

Career Counseling Interns

Career Interns

  • Natalie Reiner, B.S., Auburn University
  • Angela Kim, M.A., CSU East Bay
  • Mónica Hurtado-León, B.A., JFK University


Molly Anderson, Psych NP Ron Elson Joan Facher
Molly Anderson, NP Ron Elson, MD Joan Facher, MD
Interests: general psychiatry, developmental issues.
Adam Frey Todd Mitchell, MD. Chief of Psychiatry Julio Ozores
Adam Frey, MD Todd Mitchell, MD
Chief of Psychiatry
Interests: depressive disorders, anxious disorders & trauma, neuropsychodynamics, psychodynamic psychotherapies, student/young adult populations, and education
Julio Ozores, MD
Interests: evaluation, psychotherapy and psychopharmacological treatment of young adults/college students; working with Latino and other underrepresented populations; teaching biology, psychology, evolutionary psychology, and cognitive science in the service of professional development.
Additional Languages: Spanish
Kristine Panik, MD  

CPS Administrative Staff

Mahdi Ardestani Administrative Assistant Jennifer Corcoran
Records Coordinator
Lindsay Corcoran
Scheduling Coordinator
Charmaine Harris
Administrative Assistant
Valerie Luluquisen Administrative Assistant Judy Patton
Administrative Assistant
Michele Swide
Administrative Assistant
JoAnn Torres
Business & Operations Manager

Career Counseling Library Staff

Chris Garcia Paula Kwok
Chris Garcia
Administrative Assistant
Career Counseling Library
Paula Jung
Library Manager
Career Counseling Library

Social Services Counseling Staff

Social Services staff specialize in helping students with the following health related concerns: pregnancy, nutrition, alcohol/drugs (one's own use or a friend or family member's), relationship violence, sexual assault/rape, and chronic or newly diagnosed illnesses or accidents. Counselors provide education, counseling, advocacy, referrals and assistance with academic, financial and related issues that may arise as a result of the above.

Paula Flamm Maayan Greene, LCSW Belinda Hernandez-Arriaga
Paula Flamm, LCSW
Social Services Manager
Clinical Social Worker
Interests: health issues, pregnancy, violence, and post-trauma issues, health care systems and social work administration.
Maayan Greene, LCSW Clinical Social Worker
Interests: eating disorders, trauma issues, healthy relationships, identity development, mindfulness practices, including MBCT and DBT techniques, depression and anxiety, wellness and self care.
Belinda Hernandez-Arriaga
Clinical Social Worker University Village
Interests: immigration and mental health, attachment and dyad work with parent and child, infant mental health, healing trauma in children, Latino mental health, understanding cultural implications in mental health, art therapy, community mental health, bilingual/bicultural clinician.
Additional Languages: Spanish
Lisa Min Toby Morris, Dietician
Lisa Min, MFT
Clinical Social Worker
Interests: sexual assault, healthy relationships, trauma, chronic medical conditions, pregnancy issues, multicultural counseling, minority identity development, Asian-American, Asian & international student issues, holistic approaches to self care.
Additional Languages: Korean, Japanese
Toby Morris, MS, RD Registered Dietitian
See her Staff Highlight Page

Tobirus M. Newby, MSW, ACSW
Clinical Social Worker
Interests: alcohol & other drugs counseling, domestic violence & sexual assault intervention, sexual health risk reduction, LGBTQ issues, trauma counseling, spirituality, intersectionality & multiculturalism.

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Robin Walley    
Robin Walley, LCSW
Clinical Social Worker Interests: alcohol and other drug counseling, harm reduction, LGBTIQ issues, multicultural issues, navigating multiple identities, self-injury.

Social Work Fellows

Social Work Fellows

  • Sara Fitzgerald, M.S.W., University of Michigan School
  • Hillary Black, M.S.W., Simmons College Graduate School of Social Work

Administrative Staff

Kimberley Mims
Social Services Assistant

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