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All registered UC Berkeley students can use University Health Services, regardless of what insurance plan they have. See the Go Tang! Guide to Getting Started @ Tang for more details.

Here are a few insurance resources for students:

Have additional questions? You may also contact the Student Health Insurance Office by phone: 510-642-5742 or by email: to schedule an appointment to meet with the health insurance advisor.


Contact Information Brokers:
  • Wells Fargo
    Wells Fargo, which is the insurance broker for SHIP, can provide personalized assistance to help you make an informed decision on a health plan that meets your needs. There is no fee for using their services. Please call them at 1-800-853-5899 or email them at
  • E-Health Insurance
    E-Health Insurance is an online broker service that allows you to get quotes, compare plans, and apply for health insurance online. Visit or call (800) 977-8860.

Insurance plans included in summary table above:
Some plan brochures and enrollment kits are available at the Student Health Insurance Office.

  • Anthem Blue Cross
    Visit or call (800) 777-6000. For "Tonik" plans, visit or call (866) 333-4820. Anthem Blue Cross offers PPO and HMO plans for individuals and families. Some include optional dental and vision coverage.
  • Blue Shield of California
    Visit or call (800) 660-3007. Blue Shield offers PPO and HMO plans for individuals and families. Some include optional dental and vision coverage.
  • Health Net
    Visit or call (800) 909-3447. Health Net offers PPO and HMO plans for individuals and families with optional dental and vision coverage.
  • Kaiser Permanente Northern California Region
    Visit or call (800) 232-5100. Kaiser offers both deductible and copayment HMO plans for individuals and families. An optional Dental Assistance Plan is also available. Kaiser has a Child Health Plan for families with children who meet income requirements and are not eligible for government-sponsored programs.
  • Healthy Families
    Visit or call (800) 880-5305 for enrollment and eligibility requirements. The Healthy Families program is for children up to age 19 in low income families.
  • Access for Infants and Mothers (AIM)
    Visit or call (800) 433-2611 for enrollment, residency and eligibility requirements. AIM provides low cost health coverage for pregnant women.
  • Medi-Cal
    Visit or call (800) 430-4263 (Health Care Options) to find out more about eligibility for state-sponsored programs. You may also visit the Alameda County Social Services Agency at or call (510) 777-2300 (toll free number (800) 698-1118) for Medi-Cal enrollment information.
  • MRMIP Visit or call (800) 289-6574. The state-funded Major Risk Medical Insurance Plan (MRMIP) is a program that provides health insurance to Californians who are unable to obtain coverage in the individual health insurance market (usually due to pre-existing health conditions).

Other Insurance Plans in California:

  • Aetna
    Aetna offers "Aetna Advantage" high deductible PPO plans for individuals with optional dental coverage. Visit or call (866) 582-9629.
  • PacifiCare
    PacifiCare, A UnitedHealthcare Company, offers PPO and HMO plans for individuals. Visit or (800) 516-2596.

Please Note: This site is provided as a service to students. It is not meant as a University endorsement of any insurance company, plan or broker. The information provided is a summary only and is subject to change. Contact the insurance company or a broker for additional plan details and the most current information about eligibility and benefits.


Coinsurance Percentage of fees for services you must pay, in addition to what the plan pays
Co-pay Set dollar amount you need to pay for a covered service
Deductible The amount you need to pay out of pocket before the plan will pay for medical services.
Premium The rate you pay to be enrolled in an insurance plan, usually monthly
HMO Health Maintenance Organization: A plan in which you choose a primary care physician who coordinates your care with providers in the plan network
PPO Preferred Provider Organization: A group in which you have direct access to providers in the plan network, as well as other providers at higher cost.
Limited Benefit PPO Some PPO plans have lower premiums because certain benefits are not included, such as maternity or full prescription drug plans
Preferred, Participating or In-Network Providers Providers that accept a negotiated or contracted rate from the insurance company as full payment for services.


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